Time flies when you're busy

Wow….spring is almost past and summer is about to begin which means the year is half over already. I’d ask where the time has gone, but this year it’s clear how I’ve spent my time. Many, many, many personal and work related events. Mostly good or at least “to be expected”. But still so many events over such a short time span leads to stress and fatique. Even when much of the hoopla has been good and exciting. Still only much one can do at one time. And I’m feeling the rush now of finding I’m about to have some “free” time….or at least so it seems. I’ve learned not to count on free time until it’s upon me. God has seemed to have other plans lately; so God willing I’ll have some free time to fill with promoting my books and hopefully SELLING some to local store and museums. I promise myself to enjoy the stores and museums while I visit each one. And I realize I may need to “visit” each more than once in order to connect with buyer(s) at each. So hopefully this journey will begin soon. I am organized and ready; or so I think.

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