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About Pamela Drews Breitberg

I began this blog to “do” something with my nature photography; to share images. Being out of doors and spending time observing nature and wildlife has given me great joy and peace. I see God’s abundant blessings each time I pause outdoors. If my photography is a skill I have (as others have told me) I know that my greatest blessing is sharing these images in hope others find at least a little awe and joy from life. The photographs cannot reproduce the sounds and smells that accompanied my visual experiences, but perhaps limiting one’s perspective actually will heighten your ability to “get it”. May you find peace and understanding in the images in this blog.

What has surprised from posting this blog for over ten years now is the amount of learning that I have done to be able to post entries that appeal to readers. I thank you for your comments and gentle guidance to include scientific information whenever possible. This is sometimes easier said than done. Narrowing down the specific plant is too frequently best left to an expert, of which I am not. I share my passion for nature and cautiously share my knowledge after careful research.

copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

As Naturalist – Pamela’s experience with plants outdoors was limited during her youth because of allergies. It did not exile her to the indoors, she began collecting butterflies at age 6. Pamela still has her collection 50 years later intact, including donations from her parents’ travels and a teacher. She spent many wonderful hours observing her mother’s wonderful garden, appreciating the diversity of the plant world through her garden as well as Missouri Botanical (“Shaw’s”) Garden.

As PhotographerPam watched her father’s enjoyment of photography. In college her interest in photography blossomed when she met Steve, her future husband. His hobby happened to be photography; from him she learned to read light meters and use manual SLR cameras. Looking for a temporary job while she waited for a teaching position as a newly wed in Chicago, Pamela took a receptionist position at a portrait studio. Two years later she and Steve purchased the studio, beginning a 22 year career as portrait and wedding photographers. She earned her Certified Professional Photographer degree in 1991. She chose to capture images of flowers and wild life in her garden to for pleasure, combining her love of nature with her new love of photography.

As Painter – Acrylic painting became a passion once I retired. I have been blessed becoming a member of an Acrylic Painting workshop during winter months in southern Florida for the past three years. I work alongside equally passionate artists; quite a few are skilled professionals who provide more insights for me along with our gifted leader/teacher. The majority of my pieces have been inspired from specific favorite photographs of mine; some works are created in the plein aire method. I realize every day that the years of nature photography experiences greatly aid my abilities to see light, color, shapes, composition choices when I create a painting.

As Teacher – Excitement of learning, observing and questioning makes teaching science a natural fit for her. Sharing her butterfly collection and nature photography with her young students allows her to show them the fun and excitement in being a scientist; amateur or professional. It helps guide her students in their own explorations of the natural world around them in their lives.

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