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Subject focus perspective…

Forest with Buck copyright 2013 Pamela Breitberg
Forest with Buck copyright 2013 Pamela Breitberg

The camera has no feelings and can’t automatically sense and maintain focus on what one thinks is the subject in a scene. Maintaining focus over multiple exposures is a challenge when the subject and the foreground and background are similar colors and shapes. A White Tail Deer is designed, as many wild animals, for camouflage in their natural environment. The ability to blend into a scene is a blessing for them; but a challenge for photographers.

Buck in Forest copyright 2013 Pamela Breitberg

This regal buck emerged out of the forest preserve and visited our garden today. I’m not sure if deer gossip. If so then surely the resident doe let him know about our yew, a favorite of theirs and his first choice during his brief visit. Uncomfortable with my presence he quickly retreated back into the forest preserve, and resumed his casual stroll all the while paying attention to me and my camera’s clicks for each exposure.

Patience along with many focus attempts and steady hands are needed when trying to photograph such easily hidden subjects. The camera is only cooperative in times like this by offering changing focuses when the shutter button is held half-down prior to actual exposure. It may take five or six half-clicks before one’s focus choice is actually in-focus through the lens. And this focus search begins anew with each exposure. I am grateful that this buck’s instinct was to pause to watch me for a few moments so that I might be able to capture a few images purposely focused.

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