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Flowers still bloom in the fall…

Took a leisurely walk around South Pond in Chicago’s Lincoln Park; situated just south of the Zoo. The weather was remarkably warm for mid-November; in the upper 60s. FYI, winter is on the way tonight, just in time for Christmas/Thanksgiving parades. Many perennials continued their bloom while going to seed in preparation for dormant months ahead.

Jerusalem Artichoke still in bloom along the restored prairie surrounding South Pond in Lincoln Park. Copyright 2016 Pamela Breitberg
Bloom and bud along Lincoln Park’s South Pond. Copyright 2016, Pamela Breitberg
Yellow bouquet among the drying prairie grasses. Copyright 2016, Pamela Breitberg
Hardy Hydrangea’s were mostly going to seed as their colors faded to earthen colors; but one bloom still drew it’s own attention. Copyright 2016 Pamela Breitberg.
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