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PAMELA’S PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE: Pamela’s method of capturing nature and wildlife is through photographic portraiture. She believes people can sense the personality of each plant best when its image is captured as it appears naturally. She uses only natural light, with no use of reflectors, tents, filters or strobe lights. She wants a more “casual, natural” look than any of these tools would render. She feels the use of a tripod for these portraits limits her ease in selecting views for best portrai­ture. Pamela sometimes isolates the subject to allow the viewer to easily study the details of the subject. Other portraits include the environment of the subject to tell the viewer a more complete story about the subject.

TODAY: Pamela has begun a series of portraits of native plants found on the few remaining undisturbed Midwest prairies. She also has an ongoing project creating photographic portraits of Midwest woodland plants and wildlife. Her home is adjacent to a section of the Cook County Forest Preserve; she spends many hours each year photographing and bicycling the preserves. She teaches photography to middle school students and lectures to various garden clubs and service organizations.

*”A NEW BEGINNING”: Pamela’s “A New Beginning” exhibition of 38 cibachrome prints, was the result from a two year project with the Chicago Botanic Gardens, in Glencoe, Illinois. All photo­graphs were made at the Chicago Botanic Gardens’ prairie restora­tion area in Glencoe, Illinois. The Gardens restored seven prairie environments common to Northeastern Illinois. The pho­tography project lasted two years so that she could capture the personality of the Midwest prairie during each seasonal stage. Her main emphasis was in creating portraits of native Midwestern prairie plants; including insects and wildlife found in the prairie. The majority of the plants documented was from the mesic prairie, but also include marsh, savannah and fen prairie plants. She worked closely with their naturalist, David Sallenberg. 38 limit­ed-edition cibachrome prints were made for the “A New Beginning” Exhibition at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

The collection of over 1200 transparencies from this assign­ment contains portraits of over 50 specific prairie plants. All images are of native plant life, without the many varieties of Eurasian plants found today in prairies and previously disturbed land.


  • Chicago Wilderness Magazine, summer 2002
  • Fine Gardening Magazine, April 2008
  • American Prairie – Life Lessons From the American Prairie, 2010
  • The Prairie – A Photographic Introduction to the Midwest Prairie, 2010


  • Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL
  • “Photography-a Prairie Perspective”, summer 1991
  • “Woodland wildflower photography”, April-May 1992- 1995
  • Family Fun with “Flower photography”, July 1992
  • Sunday morning photography, June-August 1995
  • Northside Catholic Academy, Middle school campus, Chicago -Photography teacher, 2001-2002
  • Robert A Black Magnet School, Chicago- managing editor for their student run science newspaper 2005-2006
  • Zapata Academy, Chicago – “Warriors of Science”, Advisor for Zapata Academy’s student run science newspaper, 2006 through present.
  • Zapata Academy, Chicago – Advisor for Chicago Conservation Club 2008 to present.


  • Highland Park Garden Club lecture, November 1994
  • Lake Forest Garden Club lecture, February 1995
  • Wisconsin/Illinois Lily Society lecture, February 1996, March 1998


  • Sanford Studio, Inc. Wilmette, IL, March-April 1989
  • Leslie’s Hair Studio, Winnetka, IL, Spring-Fall 1989
  • Village Book Shoppe, Wilmette, IL, Sept.-Oct. 1989
  • Wilmette Arts Guild Gala, Wilmette, IL, December 1989
  • Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL, July-Aug. 1990
  • First United Realtors, Winnetka, IL, April-May 1991
  • First United Realtors, Evanston, IL, May-June 1991
  • Fairfield Court, Wilmette, IL, May 1991
  • *Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glencoe, IL, Oct.-Nov.1991
  • North Shore Art League Annual Show, Winnetka, IL, Dec. 1991
  • Wilmette Public Library, Wilmette, IL, Jan.1992
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Evanston, IL, Feb.1992
  • Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL, Official dedication of their Prairie, Oct. 1993
  • Bethesda Hospital, St. Louis, MO, March 1994


  • Wilmette Community Fair, September 1989, September 1990, September 1993,
  • Gingerbread House, Skokie, IL, October 1989
  • Festival of Fine Arts, Wilmette, IL, June 1991


  • 1989 Burrell Expo., Crown Point, IN; blue ribbon, and red ribbon
  • 1990 Wilmette Art Guild Winter Holiday Show; won exhibit at First United Reality, Winnetka.
  • 1994 Professional Photographers of Northern Illinois; won Presidents Award and Award of Superior Quality and Award of Excellence.
  • 1995 PPANI President’s Award and Award of Superior Quality for three prints.


  • BOOKS available at Southern Illinois Artisans Gift Store and Illinois Museum Gift Shop as part of Illinois Artisan program, 2012
  • “Made in Illinois” Gift Guide, 1990, 91
  • Illinois Environmental Council, 1990, 91, 92, 93 includes prints and note card sets at the Silent; auction during their annual convention each fall.
  • Certified Professional Photographer (C.P.P.) degree from Professional Photographer’s of America, 1991
  • Emily Oaks Nature Center, Skokie, IL, 14 Cibachrome prints from “New Beginnings” in permanent collection, March 1997
  • Breitberg’s, Inc., portrait and candid photography 1978-2000, vice president, photographer production coordinator


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