Confusion in a name…

Blindly foraging for food through dense Duckweed. This pair were also in the Rookery area of Flamingo Gardens; they are Domestic Swan Geese (Anser cygnoides). Confusion in a name?! They have the body of geese yet I suppose they could like Swan-ish? Maybe. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Blindly foraging for food through the dense Duckweed. Domestic Swan Goose originated in East Asia. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Fair guess that this is a Goose feather. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Partner Goose takes a breath from fishing. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Pair of Domestic Swan Geese in the Rookery’s thick Duckweed. I am unsure if perhaps the whiteish one is a hybrid. See this link for more information: . Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Ornamental use of immigrants…

These unique Egyptian Geese (Alpochen aegyptiaca) birds were considered sacred by Eyptians. Americans imported them as decor for Golf Courses. Were our own wildlife too ugly or boring? Some have now vacated the golf courses for the wild.

This family was at the animal rescue facilities of Flamingo Gardens in Davie Florida. They are in the Rookery section which is open so they could wander if wanted. Many of their birds are not able to be released because of injury or “imprinting” (taming by people), so would not survive in the wild. Any animal that does recover is released as soon as it’s health returns.

I never tire of seeing new miracles of God’s designs. So amazing.

Egyptian Goose checking out the Rookery. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Mom and Dad introducing the babies to the Rookery environment. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

The previous post showed the Egyptian Geese babies in the water and Duckweed. Shortly afterwards Mom (or Dad) joined them. First they had time to explore without parental accompanying them. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Mom (or Dad?!) and baby. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Lastly, the entire family enjoys an outing. So did we! Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Just too cute…

I’ll share their name (kind) and parents in the next post. But these CUTE little babies were enjoying their freedom in the Rookery rich with Duckweed. We were enjoying watching them while exploring Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida.

Slowly, steadily, enjoying a first outing by themselves. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

New siblings swimming close together, being a little unsure,through the Duckweed. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Friend of birds and butterflies…

Native Floridian, Firebush (Hamila patens) in budding stage. Heat and drought actually stimulate growth in the Firebush.. This plant is a favorite food and resting place for birds and butterflies. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Primarily red, some show orange coloring like these buds. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Posing while waiting for a treat…

The Pelicans are waiting patiently for a fisherman to drop some bait. They are young, thus their brownish colors. These were sitting on the rail of Anglin’s Pier in Lauderdale by the Sea, allowing me to capture some images. They are amazing creatures to observe. I was able to get close enough to capture the details in the feather patterns.

Cousins calmly holding this pose for me. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Drop of water hanging on the tip of this bird’s beak. It must have just landed after a fish dive in the water. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

The shades of brown feathers indicate this is a young Pelican. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Layers and patterns courtesy of nature. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Prairie splendor…

The vibrant purple Aster draws attention in this golden prairie sea of drying grasses and blooming Goldenrod. This was taken at Chicago’s Northerly Island restored prairie. This end of season scene seems to defy the feeling of the “end” of fair-weather times that the MIdwestern autumn often signals.  Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg