In The Works Now….




  • I just put together and published a book of my painting journey the past six years. Check out my new book at that link, “Seeing With My Brush”.
  • Acrylic painting has become a skill I seem to be successfully developing the past few years. Most compositions have been inspired from my photographs. However I realize that plein arie (painting when set up  outdoors) is most fitting for this naturalists/outdoor lover. So my aim is to push myself to narrow down my setup so at least one set of materials if easily portable. I am challenging myself to find one or two mornings a week devoted to time outdoors painting. How wonderful to have such a goal. 
  • My camera is a constant companion. Photography is second nature for me; yet also inspirational. I keep learning more about nature, as well as all the elements that go into making exciting and moving images. Since retiring I have traveled to many new places and this blog reflects the many many things I experienced. It is a continual pleasure to share the wonders of life.
  • Marketing!     I want to have FUN doing this blog…so at this time it is to share to any that find this blog, but not to add stress to my life by giving me more work (my work-duties already fill my plate).
  • Using this blog as a place to journal my thoughts/observations on nature in my life…and seeing where that takes me, what new ideas I have for writing. Continue to share my insights (what others know) and ideas (what I know).


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