Embrace each moment, each person….

The world is rich with diversity in nature and it’s people. That’s what makes it so wondrous. Today the brilliance and awesomeness of each of us feels dimmed because of multiple, hatred attacks to too many. May we grieve and know that it is OUR love and faith that will make each day most special; each moment a miracle unto itself. May we be strengthened by each sweet moment today. May we embrace each other and radiate the love that makes life wonderful. ………….Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Deceptive appearance…

With sufficient concealment the Sun’s arrival through the cloud covered sky resembles the Moon. Dense cloud cover allowed me to aim my camera directly at the Sun as it appeared to weave in and out of the rapid moving clouds. Unswerving witness to nature’s forte.

Morning sun revealing itself through the moving clouds. Copyright 2017, Pamela Breitberg

Sun rising higher in sky has enough energy to be seen behind dark storm clouds. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg

Reverential fear…

Stay safe everyone in Irma’s path. Midwesterners are credited with strong health and stamina because they deal with multiple seasons and weather events. But those that live on a sea coast are the most determined to be resilient against nature’s energetic presence. Prayers for wisdom and calm as you deal with Irma’s invasion.

These images share the subtle beauty along Florida’s seashore.

Hunker down in a secure location fellow Floridians. God be with you. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg

The beauty of the coast shall return. Nature is healing as well. Copyright 2017, Pamela Breitberg

Power and brilliance. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg


Hunger has been satiated….

Chicago is FLAT unless you include concrete overpasses and underpasses. Starved Rock State Park is a short two-hour drive west from my hometown flatland. The change in environment is extreme and refreshing. Also, it is exhausting for Chicagoans’ muscles used to walking flatland. So, while I rest my arthritic knee and other stressed body parts, I will share some this area’s splendor. My aches are welcome remnants of time well spent; my body will heal and my memories will last for ages.

Some images are from the nearby Matthiessen State Park which we visited as well thanks to the strong recommendation of our daughter. Both Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks in Illinois are results of glacial movement south and then melting and retreat. These parks are witness to natures’ strength and constant change.

Warning to anyone that thinks venturing off marked paths would be fun! Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg

Canyons of Matthiessen State Park. The people in the background give you an idea of its grand perspective. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg.

That bridge is partway down into the canyon. Awe inspiring views. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg

Wild Cat Canyon in Starved Rock State Park. One of many canyons in the preserve. Waterfalls were very small because of lack of rain recently. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg


100 steps down from the Lodge was the “beginning” of many more steps down into canyon bottoms. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg


Speaking of the sun and the moon….

Thinking of the sun and the moon and tomorrow’s eclipse I can’t help but think about the place where the sun and moon always draw attention; the beach. The sun’s heat effects currents while the moon effects tides; both effect the earth and us.

Sun filled energy at the Ft. Lauderdale beach. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg


Full moon replaces the sun’s light over the Atlantic Ocean. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg

Sunrise, a new day beginning. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg

Love is…

Rose bud for budding love, copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

Rose bud for budding love, copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

Worthy, strong, powerful define “valens”, the Roman origins for the name Valentine. Valentine’s Day has come to symbolize love, stemming from the martyrdom of St. Valentine. Though St. Valentine’s identity is vague and speculative, his (their) impact is profound every February 14th.

The combination of worth, strength, and power mixed with love evokes a robust image of fervent attention. Roses symbolize the love offered on Valentine’s Day. The delicate, sweet smelling flower, seemingly blushes when given as a token of unspoken as well as celebrated love. How artful for the lover to give such a gentle gift as indication of his (her) robust desire.

Happy Valentine’s Day!