Wonderful GreenCorps Chicago

Picked up four flats and nine pots of annuals this morning; one of the multiple yearly distribution of donated plants/seeds/bulbs from GreenCorps Chicago. Hear’s their continued existence during this transitional time in Chicago politics. They are soooooo helpful to school and community gardens. Our newly renovated school courtyard will now have COLOR while we wait for the perennials to become established (transplants from my garden at home).

Before the pickup time I had enough time to walk through North Park Village’s wetland area. The red-tail blackbirds were ever busy announcing my presence as I wandered along the wetland making me wonder where and how many nests they were guarding.  Much to my surprise, if I hadn’t been on the boardwalk path I might have walked right into the back-end of young deer casually strolling through the wet swamp.  She gave me no heed, probably knowing that I wouldn’t venture into several feet deep water. Fun beginning to my day; apt pay for my donated time picking up the annuals.

Zapata Academy's Living Museum

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