Wonders found on a day that seemed to be lacking

I don’t use this blog to share my religious thoughts; but today I was feeling down after a possible bad news doctor visit; “maybe” is never comforting. Napped away the afternoon instead of doing my workout. The weather was great outdoors, low 70’s with forecast for the rest of the week of increasingly HOT temps; so thinking it would be best chance to finally get in a summer bike ride to my favorite prairie on the edge of the forest preserve. I’m blessed to live immediately across the street from the county forest preserve and the bike trail and horse trails are a block away. It was about an hour before sundown so I knew it was prime of day for great lit photographs and ideal time (other than early morn) to spot some wildlife. So grabbed my new 300mm lens (thanks Steve!) and donned my bike. On the way to the prairie area I spotted (no pun intended) two baby deer and their mom crossing the trail. Then at the far edge of the prairie where I’ve spotted deer before, I came across the doe in this image. She’s hiding…or trying to….behind many layers of grasses, but we did observe each other for what seemed like a long time. The lens, though long, proved fast enough to capture images of her in flight as she eventually chose to leap away from this intruder. It was now becoming near sunset, the sun was just above the horizon so I thought I best head back to the trail where I’d parked my bike behind a tree. The trail is darker than the rest of the world being encased by forest so not wise to pursue without lighting on one’s bike; of which I have none. And…officially the preserve closes at dusk. As I neared the trail I spotted a young four point buck…which I soon noted was accompanied by a youngish doe (brother and sister?). And, God showed his presence in case I hadn’t caught these fortunes as direct from him…. with a rainbow in the dry sky (haven’t rained for several days!). Amen.

Summer prairie with White Tail Deer
copyright 2011 Pamela Breitberg

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