the bees and the balm….

Bee Balm is native to the Illinois prairie. It’s enjoyed by bees as well as butterflies and birds….so interesting that it’s nickname is limited to the bee.  Mondara is its proper name and typical of other prairie species it has many nicknames beyond Bee Balm including Oswego Tea (yes, people like it too), Horsemint (guess horses must like it as well),  and bergamot (various aromatic herbs…so more ways to enjoy for us folk).
Sidenote: Whenever I spend time watching bees and other insects wildlife I realize how easy my life is. I never observe them at rest unless the weather is severe. And I am weary if I can’t get my 8-10 hours of sleep or if I work several twelve plus hour days in a row. So much of my work (I won’t speak for others) if busy, non-survival work…like this blog. While all of their work directly revolves around their survival. Yep, my life is good.
Bee on Bee Balm
Bee on Bee Balm copyright 2011 Pamela Breitberg


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