ups and downs in life…..

Leaf on moss, on log, on soil copyright 2011 Pamela Breitberg

“What goes up must come down” and so the seed sprouts a seedling and rises to become a shade bearing tree. Green leaves reach toward the sun and the tree stretches as it grows higher and higher in the sky above the ground from which it sprung. Yet as it rises in statute each year it also falls, bit by bit, leaf by leaf, twig by twig, stem by stem. And growth continues and new heights are reached.

This image shows an elm leaf resting on moss which is on a fallen tree resting on a bed of leaves and compost of older past life. Each year I observe the gradual blanketing of  logs as leaves fall and fall and fall. Slowly the fallen log will be hidden and transformed to compost. Decay is covered by moss which is covered by the falling leaf. And so it goes, the rise and fall to rise again.

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