how to mess up the stats on this blog….

I have been using Microsoft Word to type my blog and I then upload it as a draft directly into WordPress. If I don’t know the title I save it as a file called “draft”. I forgot to rename the file three times ago and published it to WordPress. Then the next time I opened “draft” in Word and deleted all and began a new post it had the “stat” bar at the top of the file saying when it was sent to WordPress.

I ignored this “stat” line (because couldn’t see how to delete it) and eventually saved the file with a NEW name in Word and then “sent” the draft to WordPress for the new entry (by mistake again…oh, short brain!). Looked fine in WordPress and in Facebook.

BUT doing it this way (publishing a file that Word said it’d alreday published) has MESSED UP the “likes” and “views”; it seems CONFUSED as to which post it’s tracking. Even though the “permalink” for the post is different than the other entries (listed at top of “edit post” page. AND yesterday the last post (for the anemone) has yet to show up on Facebook though it’s “in” WordPress. And it again showed it had 10 views two days ago!?

Sooooo…..I changed the permalink name for the last three postings in case this’ll help make each more unique (though it seems they’re unique already in WordPress. This completely clears the stats for these posts. So FYI!!!???

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