Popping poppies…

Poppy bud copyright 2012 Pamela Breitberg

One of the blooms that initiate summer in the garden is the Poppy (Papaver orientale). Thetoothed, hairy leaves and buds seem weedy and an unwelcome addition to an otherwise civilized home garden. Then one morning, if one is not watching closely the fuzzy oval bud explodes revealing a brilliant red orange display of wonder. The Poppy flower looks delicate as tissue paper but is resilient to withstand regular strong winds and storm. After the show is over the leaves fade away and leave little evidence that such vibrancy will return next year.

Poppy with Bud shell copyright 2012 Pamela Breitberg

They are striking attraction in a floral arrangement or as a single bloom in a vase. To insure their durability as a cut flower singe the end of the stem with a match to seal in their moisture as soon as you cut them (a suggestion for any wild flower). Note that this is not to be confused with the opium poppy which derive the edible poppy seeds and illegal opium. The oriental poppy is not harvestable for any purposes other than beauty.

Poppy copyright 2012 Pamela Breitberg

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