Spring’s coming slowly…

Tulip leaves copyright 2013 Pamela Breitberg

13 degrees below our average temperature today makes winter coat wearing still a good idea. Brrrr…. So it was encouraging to see the first tulip leaves emerging this weekend. Proof that squirrels had not found all my underground treasures. Spring bulbs are evidence of nature’s patient resilience. Full of life they lie dormant, much like the Little Brown Bat in hibernation.

Eastern Chipmunk copyright 2013 Pamela Breitberg

Mid-morning a thin, winter weary chipmunk also emerged and sat on the stone ledge, surveying the garden taking a few moments to groom its fur. Unlike the tulips and bats the Eastern Chipmunk wakens periodically during its hibernation to eat some of its stockpile food (they are unable to store body fat).

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