Tail of a cat…

Cattails at Volo Bog. Copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg


Wet-feet loving Cattail. Copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

Autumn is the time of year when Cattail (typha latifolia)‘s naming is most evident. This is the time of the year that the sturdy brown seed head bursts open to reveal the large fluffy mass of a “cat’s tail”. The Cattail, is ruggedly sturdy and tall, and as if to defy physics, the plants love wet feet, growing in marshy areas or at the edges of ponds and lakes.

It appears that the birds are unaware of the plant’s nickname. The soft fuzzy seeds are sought out as lining for many birds’ nests.

It is always a pleasure to recommend a fellow WordPress blogger’s posting: https://cattails.wordpress.com/facts/ They have more information than I would normally share on a species. Enjoy the read!

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