Hi everyone. It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve posted here. This has been a monumental year and a half for me. I posted a few times, but apologize to followers that I have not shared regularly. My passion for photography, nature, and sharing are still as strong as ever.

I am newly retired, and living IN the big city of Chicago. Our forest neighborhood has been replaced with Lincoln Park. The eastern edge of Florida will be part of our “home” environment from time to time as well.

I plan to REVISE this site to include space for all my new nature location photography as well room for photos taken during other travelings. In addition I am considering an area for retirement experiences. IF I’m NOT able to do this smoothly I’ll share here a new blog site for your reading!

Thanks for your interest and care. This has been a fun experience which originally began as a way to share my images with my family only. You’ve each made it much more meaningful, and for this I’m most grateful.


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