Pathways through…

Stone stairs that show the wear of decades of tread down from Grant’s statue in Lincoln Park. The statue was supposed to be placed in Grant Park but proved too costly to move once the placement error was revealed. Copyright 2016 Pamela Breitberg

Stone archway leading from Lake Shore Drive to the “Farm” south of Lincoln Park Zoo. Copyright 2016, Pamela Breitberg

Pathway around Cafe Brauer in Lincoln Park. Copyright 2016, Pamela Breitberg

Another stone pathway leading to somewhere special in Lincoln Park. Copyright 2016, Pamela Breitberg


Invitation to relax in Lincoln Park. The low benches allow you to stretch out and rest one’s weary feet, a comforting respite along the miles and miles of pathways through the park. Early in the morning it is possible to find a cluster of empty benches. Copyright 2016, Pamela Breitberg

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