To edit or not to edit…

I do not usually alter my photographs. But I’m trying a new program that can easily make amazing changes to a landscape image. The first image is the original image; the second is the altered image. Which do you like best? Why? PLEASE let me know your thoughts!! Thanks.

Original image of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg
Manipulated image. Copyright 2017 Pamela Breitberg


  1. I also struggle with manipulating the images in post production. However I have come to the basic conclusion that if you are shooting in a photojournalism realm or documentary genre it is irresponsible to alter beyond what you can capture with the camera. Since I do not like over-saturated images or ones where it is obviously manipulated beyond what a persons eye can see I usually only do minor modifications. Sometimes I do make exceptions depending upon the image. I do find one of the most powerful tools is simply re-cropping. Without altering the image you can help to focus the attention of the viewer to what inspired you to click the shutter. In conclusion that unless you are want to approach digital design or fine art, moderation is best when working with an image on your computer. My opinion. Nice images!

    • I almost always show unmanipulated images because of the very reasons you mentioned. That also makes photography more challenging, which is part of the fun! But I got this new app so thought I would see. I agree subtle is better. Thank you for sharing.

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