Cozy whimsy and inspirational charm…

Spending time in this artisans’ courtyard feels like going back to a time when life was simpler, days were spent carefree if you were blessed with fortune. I don’t believe the “old days” were any sweeter than now-a-days; I believe days and hours are sweet and comforting if one allows space for such time in one’s life. But this Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale took serious thought and work, to create from scratch; it took work so that it’s owners could dwell in an atmosphere of comfort and whimsy. All homes should have an aura that renews the soul. CLICK the image above for more information. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Rooms are built around the courtyard; one needs to go outside to go from one room to another. It was purposefully designed for casual, relaxed living. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Attention to detail is very much the uniqueness of Bonnet House; artists’ work is rarely complete and the Bartlett’s home was no exception. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
The courtyard garden with it’s artistic elements. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
My view while partaking in a weekly painting workshop. The courtyard and it’s beauty inspires all the visiting artisans’ throughout the year. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg

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