Peak at the 42nd Chicago Marathon…

Preparation for hydration support for the 45,000 Chicago Marathon runners this morning. An amazing amout of behind the scenes work involved throughout the city for this annual event. Many wonderful volunteers make this possible. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
When 45,000 runners pass the water and Gatorade better be ready! Here you see they prepare with layers of cupped filled hydration. Preparations begin in the wee hours of the morning because runners begin passing this stop by 7:40am. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Semis are loaded with water. Tables were dropped off yesterday, so not on these trucks. And remember this is ONE hydration stop along the marathon route. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
The rakes will be used to rake up the cups that have quickly filled the streets this morning. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Great organization and management; everyone is having fun today. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
My favorite marathoners are the first off the start line. Such incredible strength, endurance and determination. I cannot consider them disabled this morning; they are more-abled! Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
After the bikers and the “elite” runners come three waves of “regular” marathoners. Anyone who runs the Chicago Marathon I consider incredible. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg

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