Sweating in the sunshine…

Somebody I haven’t noticed in years, literally in what seems like all of my adult life, is the Green Sweat Bee (Agapostemon). They are not rare, but instead a common Bee of the midwest. I suppose I use to spend many more hours outdoors at play than I do nowadays which is one reason I haven’t noticed Green Sweat Bees. Their metallic green color easily draws one’s attention. Perhaps I’ve ignored them subconsciously because I was always told that they don’t sting; or sting only rarely. So seeing any land on myselfhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agapostemon didn’t send off warning alarms in my brain. In truth I’ve learned that all Bees prefer flowers, so if flowers are nearby then I am only in danger of being stung if I get in their way. And I’m not seriously allergic to their stings which also is a real concern for some persons. So I enjoy watching their steadfast work at each flower. Here’s more information on that common Green Sweat Bee.

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