Grace-filled Dahlias…

A little while ago my husband and I were blessed with the gift of homegrown flowers, primarily Dahlias. He was recooperating from illness (non Covid19 related) and friends brought us a bouqet of flowers from my church’s “garden club”. Their kindness and the bouquet put warm smiles on our faces and in our hearts. This image, to me, looks like the Dahlia wears a golden crown, as it begins to transform into it’s seed stage. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
I could stare into the heart of Dahlia blossoms for quite awhile. They are each so rich with unique details. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
The mostly-Dahlia bouquet was complimented by some Daisy Fleabane, making this red Dahlia’s color appear even brighter. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Coreopsis blooms were an additional compliment to the Dahlia rich bouquet. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Here is an overall image of the lovely gift bouquet. Seemed perfect in front of my Shasta Daisy painting; the vivid colors and details of the live flowers really shone. We are truly blessed with wonderful, thoughtful friends. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg


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