Short migrations only…

It’s January in Chicago and several days in a row I’ve seen up to six Robins hagning out in a nearby tree. This contradicts my childhood learning that Robins are a sign that springtime has sprung.
During spring and summer Robins are territorial while raising their young. When cooler weather arrives they change their nature and prefer to cluster in flocks. This behavior seems opposite of human behaviors. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
I thought perhaps that climate change might contribute to Robins remaining in Chicago. But Chicago has very frigid temps so I needed to do research. Learn more about Robins’ behaviors here. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Robins can withstand northern winter temperatures; but like anyone outdoors now, it’s only natural to fattten up and fluff up to keep oneself comfortable. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg


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