Proud of our new pride…

Meet Jabari, the proud, 3 year old male lion at the newly reconnovated Pepper Family Wildlife Center in Lincoln Park’s Zoo. Study of lions in their native savannah habitats led to the redesign of the lion habitat, originally designed in 1912. Our scientific research in Tanzania and fact based understandings have increased since then,  along with our appreciation for the well treatment of animals in our zoos. Awesome seems too small a word to describe the new lion habitat at Lincoln Park Zoo. More than a collection of “cats”; this home is primarily devoted to Lions in order to provide as much space as possible for their health and happiness in a zoo setting. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Floor to ceiling glass windows allow multiple viewing spaces for visitors. Multiple areas with a variety of features allow for the Lions to pick where they want to be and how high or low, sunny or shady a spot they prefer at any time. This view shows about half of their new territory. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Three females join Jabari to make this pride. Here are two of the three who are also three years old. Cleo, Hasira and Zari are the three ladies. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LINCOLN PARK ZOO LION HABITAT.
The third lady was enjoying a higher view. The rocks are designed to emit heat or coolness as weather dictates in Chicago’s changing temperatures. Other areas provide forced heating and cooling. During our viewing of a leisurely 30 minutes or more we watched the lions rest, interact and change settings. They were already quite comfortable in their new surroundings and with each other. Jabari came from a different location than the females. Jabari came from Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines Iowa and the sisters came from Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. South Carolina. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Just relaxing. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
A look to the west side of the savannah. Later in the day we spotted all four lions sunning on the high rocks. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Mighty paws of Jabari! Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
$41 millions dollars was spent to create this new home for the lions; with $15 coming from the Pepper family. Educationing the public in order to create an appreciation of “vulnerable” species is costly. Additionally Lincoln Park Zoo scientists works closely with KopeLion Project in Tanzania. more here. withCopyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Naptime for the new King of Lincoln Park Zoo. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg


  1. It is amazing an animal that big could be only 6 years old. Beautiful once again Mrs. Pam.

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