Boot jacks…

Not all tree trunks are alike. The Sabal Palmetto, aka Cabbage Palmetto, Garfield’s tree and Swamp Cabbage. is an example of creative trunks. The Sabal Palmetto is native to the coastal southeastern United States. The trunks textures are formed by remnant leaf bases are called “boot jacks” as they criss cross forming a “Y” shape like boot jacks used to easily take off one’s boots. This is the state tree for both Florida and South Carolina due to it’s proliferation. The “boots” have been used as wharf piles. Native American Seminole Indians used the “boots” and fronds to make shelters including the popular “chickee huts”. Read more here of their useage. Read more about Chickee Huts.Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

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