In the clouds…

It was a dark, drizzling morning on morning on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Pausing at the corner of the famed Water Tower. I had time to raise my eyes to observe the John Hancock building and the low hanging clouds creating dense fog. . Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

The Chicago Fire of 1871 devastated much of the city of Chicago. The Water Tower in the foreground of the image above was a survivor. Do not confuse this building with the Water Tower Place that shows in the background; that’s an indoor shopping mall. Read about this fire here. FYI: One of the stars on Chicago’s flag commenorates the Chicago Fire.

Foggy scenes equate mood. Walking through the drizzle my mind and energy focused on reaching the bus stop and boarding myself onto a dry bus seat. It was clear, however, that the fog added an element of mystic to the morning. My walk was more adventurous and fun because of the fog.

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