When spring flowers are summer flowers…

Hybrid cultivation of the lovely Garden Pansy (Viola x wittockiana) comes in rainbows of colors and color combinations. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

Growing up in the summery hot and humid climate of St. Louis, Pansies were the “springtime” plant in a garden. It was tolerant of light freezes so gardeners anxious for some color in their gardens eagerly planted Pansies for early colorful highlights. They were soon replaced with both emerging perrenials as well as “summer” annual species. The heat of summer was deemed incompatible for Pansy happiness. Hearts-ease is a relevant alternate name as it does bring me a “cheerfulness of mind” per St. Euphrasia.

I have now lived in Chicago for all of my adult life and I still smile when I sit down at an outdoor table to dine in July and see next to me a planter full of Pansies. It turns out that three hundred miles north of St. Louis is an acceptable climate for one to enjoy the sweet faces of Pansies throughout spring and into fall. Read more about the Garden Pansy here.


  1. Beautiful vibrant purple, it also happens to be my husband Jeff’s favorite color, lol

  2. What a beautiful article, I love pansies! I just wrote a recent article on pansies. Job well done 🙌🏽

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