Nature’s power wins…

The sign is a vast understatement. After Hurricane Nicole blew through Lauderdale by the Sea, it’s Anglin Pier is condemned for any kind of use. Sadly no plans have been made yet for its restoration so it’s technically NOT a construction area! Nature is powerful and when left alone will often reclaim it’s territory. Grasses grow between sidewalk cracks, birds build nests in city structures, tree roots literally move concrete. Respect nature’s natural strengths as we design to make our lives more comfortable. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Weather, in this case, Hurricane Nicole’s winds and accompanied sea waters appear to have taken a vicious bite out of Anglin’s Pier. The Pier was already under repair at it’s Eastern edge from previous hurricane damage but Nicole proved to be the final blow to this once special fishing destination. Estimated rebuilding costs are at least $20 million. The biggest opstacle to it’s restoration seems to be that it is privately owned and they have not been quick to repair any damage from the past or present. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
I do miss our usual visits on Anglin’s Pier. The views were incredible. Watching serious and casual fishermen (and women!) was fun. And spending some time with Brown Pelicans was a true thrill. On calm days I could also watch the reef activities and life; Lauderdale by the Sea is famous for it’s offshore reefs. Read about the LBTS reefs here. I am not one that usually believes in government taking control of private property but something needs to be done to restore this pier. I know that nature and man (people) can work together. We are apart of nature after all. We just need to respect each other’s “nature”. Copyright 2023
Anglin’s Pier is just a tiny manmade structure in comparison to it’s home in nature’s Atlantic Ocean and surrounding beaches. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg

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