Weekend’s reflection…

This weekend, as I Zoomed the Richard Schmidt birthday memorial celebration, I decided to paint as I watched and listened and learned. His Alla Prima II book is a painting bible for many, including myself; so to be able to see what inspiration he gave to those who knew him was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. If you missed it, here’s the link to the foundation website that shares his incredible talent and philosophies. This is my 16″x20″ acrylic painting that I worked on this weekend of one of my favorite places, Lincoln Park’s South Pond in Chicago. In the background is the iconic Grant Statue that was wrongly placed in Lincoln Park and proved too costly to move to the more fitting place of Grant Park! I think it’s fine because the two persons were very connected to each other’s missions. Copyright 2023
This was my photograph that inspired my painting. I have learned over the years that I’m allowed, as an artist to use my photographs as inspiration and to paint an image that also (hopefully) moves me in new ways as I view the finished work. I chose to keep the prairie grasses darker so the focus would be clearer to the viewer; when an entire image from the foreground to the background is in focus it can be overwhelming and unrestful for the eyes. I chose to leave the banisters off the walkway so they would not distract. For a personal touch, I added two RedEar slider turtles, as are found at the Pond and whose relatives I hosted in my science classroom for years. Whichever image you prefer is your privalege! I always find ways to change, “improve” my paintings, so from day to day I work hard to NOT touch my pieces once I declare them finished. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Since I posted this yesterday I tweeked some of the shadows in the water by the walkway; making them softer. Now I’m happy with this piece so I think! Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg

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