the new year

Happy New Year! Sinde I removed/deleted my web hosting account at pairnetwork I browsed around godaddy where I purchased my two domain names ( and and tried “forwarding” to this blog site. was already “forwarded” to It works! So I will probably keep these domain names for awhile and use this blog site as my main webpage.

Now I need to WRITE more!! Awaiting the distribution of my Primer book on Amazon and BarnesandNoble. Also awaiting a reply and revised pdf file of  The Prairie…An Introdu….. from my Panama contact. Then I can publish it and  do global reach distribution.

Future plans once distributions happen is to brainstorm a reasonable (do-able at my pace) marketing plan for both books. Also write Tigger book; especially meaningful to me since he died this week. A great family and neighborhood pal for close to 15 years.

not quite ready

The primer book isn’t ready for Global reach because one or more images isn’t large enough resolution. My guess is it’s the image of Tigger at the end ….the one I added for fun. So, this book isn’t yet “done”. It’s a continual learning process. Though it’s “self publishing” it still requires my full attention to detail; not bad I guess.

Almost ready to pursue public publicity

Waiting for giving my first copies of my prairie books to family; a long awaited for event. Then I’ll research how to promote the books more. Either as is, via Lulu resources. Or via use of the Lulu books to find an agent/publisher. It’s a beginning…. Who knows where it’ll go.

New project

Began pulling prints (pre digital age) and digital files of Tigger this week. Always wanted to write a children’s book about this amazing pet of ours. He lives up to his name. Now about 15 years old and showing clear signs that age is affecting his lifestyle. Plan to get images organized over my winter break; then use them to guide my writing.