the new year

Happy New Year! Sinde I removed/deleted my web hosting account at pairnetwork I browsed around godaddy where I purchased my two domain names ( and and tried “forwarding” to this blog site. was already “forwarded” to It works! So I will probably keep these domain names for awhile and use this blog site as my main webpage.

Now I need to WRITE more!! Awaiting the distribution of my Primer book on Amazon and BarnesandNoble. Also awaiting a reply and revised pdf file of  The Prairie…An Introdu….. from my Panama contact. Then I can publish it and  do global reach distribution.

Future plans once distributions happen is to brainstorm a reasonable (do-able at my pace) marketing plan for both books. Also write Tigger book; especially meaningful to me since he died this week. A great family and neighborhood pal for close to 15 years.

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