American treasure…

Sandhill Crane (Grass canadenis) relaxing in the Rookery area of Flamingo Gardens. It is distinguished by it’s large size and red forehead. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

These birds are unwanted in neighborhoods because they are agressive due to habitat destruction threatening their population in Florida. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

CLICK on the image above for more information on living with Sandhill Cranes. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

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The buck stops here…

I try to avoid clichés and puns in my posts. Nevertheless, guess I am just in a silly mood today. We have two bucks visiting our yard to dine on the Yews and Hostas and Lilies. This one is the larger and older of the two. Always a joy to watch.


Buck visiting our garden from neighboring Forest Preserve. Copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

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Neighboring portraits…

Daffodil twins beginning to bloom, copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

Daffodil twins beginning to bloom, Pachysandra ground cover in background.  copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

 Daffodil buds, copyright 2015 Pamela Breitberg

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Beauty at a distance…

Four different plants have the common name, Rose of Sharon. The images below are example of the species Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), a shrub, found in North America. It had just finished raining which is evident by the wet blossoms and pollen-loaded, water saturated, and immobile bee.

I admired the blooms for many years along my neighbor’s fence. When I was looking to fill some open space in my garden, she suggested I take a few of the numerous new shoots emerging between the mature shrubs. I did so. My green-thumb gardener, mother, warned me that they can be invasive and I might want to rethink my use of them in my garden. This turned out to be very true. Like other advice from a mother, it took me several years to realize her wisdom. Though I removed the three full size shrubs several years ago, I am still continuously pulling out young sprouts every few weeks all around my garden. They are easy to remove when new sprouts; and good exercise.

The images below are from this dear neighbor’s yard. The upward view on the pink blossom is because the shrub has grown to over eight feet tall and FULL of beautiful blossoms. I am grateful for my wonderful neighbors, and also that there is a wide gravel alley between our two gardens; keeping neighboring seeds at bay.

Rain soaked Rose of Sharon, copyright 2014 Pamela Breitberg

Water and pollen laden Bee on Rose of Sharon bloom, copyright 2014 Pamela Breitberg

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Kind layers of Love…

Kind layers of Love...

My Peonies open about three weeks after my neighbors; the difference between sun and part-sun environments. Her surprise gift was welcome addition to our home as we wait for ours to open their fragrant blooms. copyright 2014 Pamela Breitberg

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