Honoring a gift…

This colorful bouquet became the subject of a quick painting challenge for the day. I have not painted a still life for quite awhile so such a project was long overdue and a creative push for my skillset. I knew the flowers were at the end of their freshness so if I was going to paint them it was necessary that I paint them during one session and the same day they came into my possession. The complimentary color for the yellow Roses is purple, hence my background choice. I am wondering what it would look like I’d chosen indigo as the background instead; but perhaps that would have been too formal a mood for this loosely painted image. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Neighbors, leaving town, dropped off this beautiful bouqet of flowers. A gift from a husband to his wife became a surprise gift for me one morning. I got a kick out of the purple Asters, an autumn blooming flower among summer Delphiniums and Roses; but the colors work nicely together. Copyright 2021.

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