City sightings…

Sneaking a look out of a retail window showed a dumpster that seemed to me to be filled with some worthwhile stuffs. Too bad it wasn’t accessible and that I downsized my life a few years ago. Can’t help but believe someone would have appreciated the chance to salvage the remnants. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Not uncommon site in a busy, congested, urban area; this is Chicago. Streets are equally abundant with bicycle traffic. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

And if you don’t own a bicycle, you can rent a Divy bike to do your errands or sightsee. They are everywhere! Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Ah, a classic in-the-loop scene with an “El” (elevated” train above and traffic congestion below. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Of course, a city is incomplete without the pigeon! Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

Chicago is rich, or ripe, with politicians and their boastings. I did not expect to see a 2020 presidential loud-speaker float riding down the street for you-know-who. It was not a parade day at all. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg

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Not a pigeon…

Ibis resting on a one leg. Copyright 2017, Pamela Breitberg

Ibis resting on a one leg. Copyright 2017, Pamela Breitberg

Imagine my excitement to see this Ibis resting on a chain-link fence at the edge of a Best Buy (electronic store) parking lot. My Midwestern self considers such birds as exotic tropical specimens represented in zoos. It is a foreign idea to consider them common wild birds of the neighborhood. Ft. Lauderdale has been called the Venice of the U.S.; though respectfully I doubt that Venice calls itself the Ft. Lauderdale of Italy. What I’m meaning to say is that waterways are prevalent in Ft. Lauderdale.

I “assume” that it is resting between fishing activities in contrast to Chicago parking lot fowls. Chicago parking lots are inhabited by pigeons and much to the surprise of coastal residents, seagulls. Some explain the seagull’s presence with our large water body, Lake Michigan. But many of the seagulls in Chicago prefer the food left in grocery and mall parking lots. No fishy diet for them.

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