Observation from "hunting" on the prairie…

As my students would say, “Oh SNAP!”. I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens this morning and walked back to the prairie area; it’d been too long since I’d strolled this great restoration. Camera in hand, I hunted for some possible images to capture during the late morning sunshine,  which is rarely an ideal photographic time of day. The bur oaks had matured into shade bearing fortresses making the 90+ degree temps much nicer. On my way back to the main island I tested out my new 300mm lens; still getting used to holding such a long lens still for crisply sharp images. I’m lacking in animal life images so I concentrated on insects and birds. I knew birds would be ideal candidates as prey for this lens while not sure about it’s use on insect subjects.   Check out this dragonfly, Celithemis eponina (Halloween Pennant)  and then look at who else observed this splendid creature. I never imagined my next images would be such a shot; I had to look twice to believe what I was seeing! There is a lesson to be learned here, but not sure I want to think anymore about it today.

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