Tigger the attention seeking tease…

Tigger was a neighborhood pet or nuisance, depending upon neighbors’ attitudes. And of course, depending upon his chosen adventure of the day.

A rescued kitten, at an estimated 3 weeks old, his coloring and pattern were like Tigger, the bouncy, loveable Disney character. Tigger’s name was more appropriate than we could ever have imagined.  Never ready to spend life indoors he was famous for beating anyone through the door. One neighbor who cat sat used a window screen to place in front of the door before she unlocked it in effort to contain Tigger indoors when she opened the door. Needless to say we returned from vacation needing to sand and repaint the entrance way; but Tigger had remained caged to the inside of the house.

Tigger, always demanding attention by passersby.

A tease to creatures large and small.  His front claws were removed making hunting challenging and less of a pursuit during this many hours outdoors. Birds dined at the feeder and fluttered in the bath with abandon while Tigger lazed in the shade under the bird bath.  Dog walkers in the neighborhood, however,  learned quickly to hold tight to leashes when walking past our home. Tigger found great amusement lying on his back and stretching out nonchalantly in the middle of street when they came strolling past.  The bigger the dog the more determined he seemed to be to lie still and dare the approaching dog and walker to pass without paying him attention. This “trick” worked also on the neighbors that regularly took evening walks and on the mailman; they did not pass without bending down to give Tigger the strokes of affection he demanded before passing.  One mailman was proud to share that Tigger accompanied him on our his delivery for our entire block every day.

Tigger did not miss the unexpected torment of sleeping on top of neighbor’s car, leaving tail telling paw prints. His mission was to sun on a warmed surface. Nor did he change course when choosing to play in a yard when a  family dog danced and barked viciously from behind a front room window.

For Tigger the outside world was his, all his, and he wanted you to be apart of this world of his.

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