One round robin…

This is a great site, Journey North. I use it with my 1st graders to track the monarch butterfly migration. They participate in the “symbolic monarch migration” sending paper monarchs to Mexico; then await their return in the spring. But this site tracks other migrations including the American Robin:

American Robin copyright 2011 Pamela Breitberg

I was surprised to see this Robin fly to such a high viewing post in the tree. Also got a kick out of the morning birdwatchers’ indifference at observing it when they realized it was “just” a robin. So I share this image for all those who appreciate the beauty and wonder in all of God’s creatures.


  1. When Robins arrive here, in mass, you can’t walk around under trees in the evening without getting ‘rained’ on. It’s amazing to see and hear and they stay, in mass, for a good two weeks.

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