Energizing challenges…

Sometimes they are hiding in the midst of grasses; sometimes they are hiding behind layers of grasses; each is elusive to me as a photographer. The challenge is to train my lens to focus on the plant that has captured my attention. This is easier said than done because the camera’s focus tends toward the profusion of grass leaves that command attention because they make up the major portion of the scene. Our eyes are able to change focus easily between layers of interest making the task of photography a chore of patience and persistence when working to acutely focus on a specific object.

Goldenrod seed heads copyright 2012 Pamela Breitberg


The Goldenrod’s rounded clumps of fuzzy white seed heads make a striking contrast of texture among the smooth tall grasses in the prairie. The scene appears sepia toned, typical of the end of season prairie landscape. A full color photograph is shown with hues limited by nature.  

Pansy and Grass copyright 2012 Pamela Breitberg

Creative landscapers snuck some colorful cool weather pansies into some perennial prairie grasses beginning their autumn color change. The pansy draws attention while echoing the warm colors of the soon to be, late afternoon, setting sun.

Perhaps it’s the optimist in me that likes to find the jewels in the otherwise nondescript. The flower and seed heads were my treasures for the creation of these images. I find pleasure purposely looking for the good in each person. I would rather make lemonade from lemons than wince from sour situations. It can be a challenge to find the positive in life; but it is a challenge that energizes me. Ironically challenges I find most difficult often leave me with a surplus of energy when completed. The prize is the joy of the find: be it the good in a person or the treasure in nature or the gift of a learned new skill. Such glory in success is the energy for future explorations.

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