Glimpse of Chicago architecture…

This view from Maggie Daley’s Playground, of Chicago’s Millennium Park and Lake Michigan shows the diversity in architectural design found in this people diverse city. CLICK the image above for great information from Chicago’s Artchitectual to Foundation. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
The old and the new stand together. Here Cloud Gate, aka the Bean, is surrounded by many building’s of downtown Chicago. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
Old designs in turn-of-the-century buildings are more frequently decorated with murals done by artists of today. Recently a campaign made sure that such murals weren’t removed “accidentally; they are not tagging or graffiti. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
Details in building’s too often go unnoticed as passers-by focus on pedestrian and vehicle traffic and weather conditions. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
The Pritzker Pavillion is host to free concerts throughout the year, in Chicago’s Millennium Park. The design itself is worthy of a visit. It is also viewable in the first image of this post; on the far left; it encompasses both permanent seats as well as lawn seating under the open architecture. Copyrightela Breitberg
It seems that design was more a priority in the olden days of yore; even for a pumping station. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
Not to be overlooked are view encompassing closer looks at the juxtaposition of architecture and their unique designs; accompanied by mandatory safety features such as a firescape. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
Views of design include interiors. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg
One of the magnificent carvings on Michigan Avenue’s bridge posts across the Chicago River next to the original Fort Dearborn location. Copyright 2018 Pamela Breitberg


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