Continuing to question my assumptions…

I have often wondered about this popular, Painter’s Pallette (Anthurium andraenum) plant. Am I correctly considering the red growth and the spike inside it a flower? Turns out that the dense spiral is actually the flower part of this plant; the “spadix”. The red leaf-like underneath is called the spathe or bract. It is similar to a calyx (see my post of several days ago, Deceptive First Impression) which is a cup like whirl at the base of a flower; but different enough to have it’s own name. I get a kick out of having photographed this Painter’s Pallette while taking a short break from my acrylic painting class at the Bonnet House. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Backside of the Painter’s Palette’s spathe. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
A popular plant, the Painter’s Pallette is a houseplant in northern climates and a shaded garden accent in tropical environments. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg

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