The Lilies are in bloom…

The discreet, oft overlooked Caldwell Lily Pond just outside the north end of Lincoln’s Park Zoo showed signs of summer: the Lilies are beginning to bloom. These are the Nuphar lutea. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Nuphar lutea, AKA Southern Spatterdock, Yellow Cow Lily and simply the Yellow Pond Lily. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
A note of caution: The wonderful, one-way little entrance to Lincoln Park’s Zoo via the Caldwell Lily Pond has a sign saying “permanently closed”. When we visited the Zoo’s membership office they shared that was the decision of the Park District and they have heard others’ frustrations. We encouraged them to place signs at the two entrances to the Pond, if allowed by the Park District, letting Zoo visitors know that this entrance has been closed. There are other signs regarding the Zoo at these entrances so it should be an easy fix, fingers crossed! Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg
Summer’s beginning presents bright, shiny new water Yellow Pond Lily leaves and buds bursting. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg

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