Celebrating warm memories of childhood…

America’s heartland, the midwest, brings me warm fuzzy feelings. This is Volo Bog, north of Chicago. It reminds me of times in the country areas of southern Missouri visiting my greatgrandparent’s families’ homesteads. Open land, fresh air. A place for explorations and also a place full of homegrown love. I used to pick apricots with my great grandfather, which my great grandmother would turn into apricot preserves while we played dominoes on the kitchen table. Warm, fuzzy but clear memories. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
From my mother’s memories; many years prior to my own: my mother with her great grandfather on the farm. Copyright Pamela Breitberg
My sister and I with my mother and great grandmother at their farmhouse. Copyrigh Pamela Breitberg

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