Wishing you a safe 4th of July…

Wishing each of you a safe distancing, yet, HAPPY 4th of July this weekend. It IS possible as witnessed here at Lincoln Park’s Belmont Harbon, Chicago. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Nothing beats the feeling of being outdoors. Fresh air, observations and some exercise are win, win, win reasons to get out there. Safety first though please.
Ah…..fresh air. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
And, if you”re allowed, stop and soak up the sunshine, smells, and sights. Look, it’s possible to social distance on Chicago’s Lake Michigan shores. Yes, the water levels are still very high, but most of the pathways are still dry. Safety and healthy 4th of July to each of you. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breiberg
One final image of Chicago and it’s historical Navy Pier, taken from Belmont Harbor. A great city! To help defer crowds on the lakefront this weekend there will be NO fireworks over Navy Pier this year. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg

As wonderful of a city as Chicago is, there is much work needed to be done to truly make it a great city for EVERYONE. May each of us around the world, do a kindness for ourself and for a few others each and every day. Over time we will be better. Remember, listening is a real kindness too.

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