Old time fun in the big city…

The first thing we grab when visiting the Lincoln Park farmer’s market in Chicago, is breakfast. Nothing beats hot coffee and fresh pastries from local bakers. Tables have not been put out this season in efforts to control public gathering so we hunted a bit for a spot to enjoy our breakfast pickings. After a few minutes I realized we were facing a place to pitch HORSESHOES! When I was young and would go to southern Missouri for annual family reunions, Horseshoes was a game that entertained the men all afternoon. Never did I expect to find such a field in the big city of Chicago, complete with flood lights for nighttime play. Is there a horseshoe league in Chicago? There’s more than one area to pitch Horseshoes in Chicago! The one in Lincoln Park isn’t on the current map of the link; so possibly it’s not being used currently. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
Flood lights and benches ready for playing Horseshoes. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg
This Horeshoe Pit has two sides to pitch Horseshoes from. The first image shows the poles closest to where I ate breakast; this image shows the far pits. Copyright 2021 Pamela Breitberg

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