Early summertime in the park…

The beginning of summer is for lettuce and the beginning growth stages of summer veggies and fruit in Belmont Harbor’s Community Garden within Lincoln Park. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

Summertime means both leisure and activity times in Lincoln Park. Above, a family tends their plot inside one of the many community gardens throughout Chicago. A warm sunny day brings out the many dog owners to one of several beaches set aside for dogs. Last year a dogwash vending kiosk appeared and this year a second has arrived. The park hosts hundreds of persons relaxing and reading, sleeping, eating, sunning, boating, biking, scootering and just chilling. It is a great iconic park. We moved six years ago from the suburbs to the city and I feel like I did not lose the lush greens of suburbia.

Relaxation and biking epitomize the mood and energy within Lincoln Park, Chicago. A year or so ago the biking and walking had grown to such numbers that there is now two separate pathways: one for walkers and a second for bikers. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg
Want your dog to play in the park and swim in Lake Michigan and still go home clean? Voila, the Dog Wash kiosk. For $15 your dog can be shampooed, rinsed and dried. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg
This morning a small group of young cousins decided to join the dogs in the water. They learned quickly that their play toys would be used by the dogs too. This dog beach is in Belmont Harbor on the near north side of Chicago. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg
Everyone is having fun. I’m having fun just watching. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg
The dogs play well together; young ones fetch and older dogs watch casually along the shoreline. Of course some owners feel the need to join dogs in the water. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

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