Selective observations…

I had the pleasure of spending a morning at a private dock along Ft. Lauderdale’s New River. I met up with some treasured painting friends which always makes the day richer. I could not resist a chance to challenge my plein aire skills and paint the scene lying in front of me. The biggest challenge for me was narrowing my focus to a subject focused attention to a paintable subject; to focus my mind on a compostion that I could paint in just several hours. It’s been a couple years since I tested this skill. This 8×10 inch acrylic is the result. Now to look for more chances for honing my plein aire painting. The result is a rougher, looser, piece than my usual paintings. One friend said it reminded her of the Florida Keys or a Tom Sawyer era riverfront. What do you feel when looking at this image? I’m choosing in this post to not mention the things left out of this compostion that were in my view which would have changed the entire mood/theme of the piece. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg

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