Quiet retreat from spring breakers…

There are places in Ft. Lauderdale that offer a quiet respite from the spring beak crowds and chaos. This Chickee-designed shelter is actually a bridge across the lagoon of the Bonnet House. It was a gift to the orginal owners of the B.H., the Bartletts, from some of their caretakers. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Read about the Seminole Chickee structures here. The dormant Bonnet Lilies (Nuphar subintegerrima)  under the Chickee bridgeway add to the calm setting away from the nearby partying crowds on the Ft. Lauderdale beaches. There is a pathway around the pond as well as connecting to the bridge so views of the Chickee is visible from mulitple directions. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
The best view however is from the Chickee bridge itself. And it’s nicely constructed with benches almost requiring one to stop and relax a while. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg


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