Pathway around…

Hardwoods and Palms grace the pathway around the waters outside the Bonnet House. When people become too overwhelming this space is bliss. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
From the path around the water the Chickee Bridge appears in the distance. In the foreground of this image is a Coconut that fell from the nearby Coconut Palm tree; soon a seedling will emerge. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
At the beginning of the pathway is this huge Strangler Fig (Ficus). I used my widest angle lens to capture this full length portrait of this specimen. Also called a Banyan tree. There are a variety of Banyan trees that depend on another plant for initial support. Read about Banyans here. For perspective there’s what appears to be a small sign at the base of the tree on the right; the sign’s actually about four feet in height! Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg

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