Wet footed Rose…

Amongst the tall grasses of the restored prairie setting around Lincoln Park’s South Pond at numerous Swamp Rose-Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos). This one stands alone as its own star. Most Swamp Rose-Mallows have red-purple bases at it base. These natives live, as so named, in swampy parts of prairies preferring wet feet. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Like many perennials, blooms last a while; as one bloom fades another at the same location blossoms. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Swamp Rose-Mallow are prolific, so show up in colonies within a prairie wetlands. Most flowers have the deeply colored centers; but some are pure pink to white. Flowers, like most Hybiscus varieties are large 4 to 6 inches wide. Swamp Rose-Mallow is edible: leaf buds, young leaves, flowers and seed pods, seeds, and roots are all edible. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
The pinks of the Swamp Rose-Mallow are soft and enticing. Nicknames include Crimsoneyed Rosemallow and Eastern Rosemallow. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Swamp Rose-Mallow tends to be one of the species closest to the waters’ edges. Read more here. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg

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